Kumqum is an e-portal with various online services like, shopping, travelling and courier services etc.

At KumQum Group, our Mission is to create a better everyday life for a common man by supporting and providing them with comprehensive and well-rounded partnership plans.

Providing financial assistance, opportunities and contributing towards the betterment of the community worldwide under the umbrella of KUMQUM GROUP.

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GP’s are the Gift Points.

By using your Link on Social Media like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube etc. you will get Gift Points (GP’s).

SP’s are Shopping Points, you get when you shop any product from

You can redeem your SP’s  any time once in a month, simply by submitting your SP’s in redemption on the Dashboard, with following options,

  1. Shopping
  2. Get Foreign Tour (Depending upon Visa Approval)
  3. Apply for Bank Transfer
  4. Convert your SP’s into KFP’s

You can earn SP’s by

  1. By converting your GP’s into SP’s
  2. By shopping on

KFP’s are non-redeemable KUMQUM FAMILY POINTS. You can’t redeem these points but if you have any non-zero KFP, you will get COMPANY’s Annual Profit Share.

You can earn KFP’s by converting your SP’s into KFP’s?

No, You can’t redeem your KFP’s because these are non-redeemable points.

No, You can’t transfer your KFP’s to anyone But in case of someone’s Death, KFP’s will be transferred to the Nominee automatically.

No, you can’t redeem your earned GP’s but can convert GP’s into SP’s.

Pending Gift Points or Shopping Points become available points once your order has shipped

All points are permanent, until unless you redeemed your points.

Yes, you can purchase any item available on

You can convert your GP’s and SP’s by using converter, available on your Dashboard.

No, It will fluctuate on monthly bases according to Profit and Loss.

A Plan in which Regular monthly users will get specific Company’s Profit share other than SP’s and KFP’s.