How to Earn Money on Internet and then redeem that money? this is a common search on internet because every one wants to earn more and more. But If you Really want to redeem your SP’s, Then First you should Have SP’s (Shopping Points) in your account. And than  learn How to Redeem Shopping Points Or How to Earn Money on internet with Google?

How we can Earn Money on internet with Google OR Earn Money online  at home? The the words we often discuss with our Friends. KumQum’s Products like Baby Shampoo,Travel Accessories and all Products in our Online Shopping Portal give you a chance of Earning Directly or by Affiliate Plan.


You will have to submit your SP’s points for redemption with following options.

1- By Shopping

You can Redeem your points with shopping in our Online Shopping Store

2- By Air Tickets

If you have SP;s in your account, you can Buy Air Tickets by using our KumQum Travel Portal, which is very attractive and most suitable Portal for regular Traveler with cheapest Tickets Rates with your own Bid and choice.

3- By Bank Transfer

This is very First time in E-commerce that a company is facilitating you with Bank Transfer Facility of your earned Shopping Points. This is because of our Efforts for those people who always Search How to Earn Money on internet. When you visit “My Account” in our Online Shopping Portal, You will find a form over there in which you can put your account details. By providing required information in the form, you will receive auto redemption and enjoy your Earnings on Monthly Bases.

4- Converting SP’s into KFP’s

You can convert your SP’s into KFP’s which is another attractive and unique IDEA of KumQum Group.


Minimum and Max 7-14 working days will be required for redemption but for all this you will have to need Secret Code that was sent to you by email and phone number at the time of submission request for redemption.

If you don’t have the secret code, you will not be able to redeem your points.